10/30/2011 01:38:00 PM


I never know what my plans are for this blog...
I always go between thinking "im going to delete it" to "I am going to keep writing in it." I honestly have no idea what I am doing with this thing anymore.
I feel as if I can't really talk much about natural hair cause, there are so many bloggers and youtube girls/guys doing it now. It is almost pointless. I guess I can keep representing the Canadians... lol I feel like there are not enough of those.

Canada does not have the same products as America, we are not yet in the group of places that can have access to some of the products. So, until I get my credit card, I will not be able to try out those products.


Just for the sake of things...

As you may or may not know, I am in school - which makes things pretty difficult to do - in terms of blogging and vlogging, which is why I am on Tumblr more often since it is easier and faster to update people - especially from my phone. So yeah...
I went to a pretty lame "halloween party" last night... it was everything I thought a "frat party" would be like. Lame. I only went cause: a) it was my friend's birthday (well she made that the way we were going to celebrate it.. but it wasn't HER party) and b) another friend invited us and he's my boyfriend's best friend and blah blah blah.... he wants to get in the frat ... blah blah - you have probably heard a story like this before anyway.

That is just an update. A brief and fruitless update.

Now I must proceed to writing my essay.... which is due this Thursday... -_-


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