Ebay Escapades|| TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

5/27/2013 04:02:00 PM

Alright folks...
Long time no see.
I have found out the miracles of ebay and getting the greatest shit ever for cheap. Yes.
I am very proud of myself. Yes. I am very excited. 
Yes I am going to hurry up and share.
Today my second ebay purchase came in the mail. My first was simply a 3 $ wallet that was made to fit my huge ass Samsung Note 2 in. Thats why I bought it.
This second one however is the TONYMOLY primer. I quite literally just got home and opened the parcel. It was purchased on ebay for 7 $ CAN and I am already happy with it and I have not even really used it yet.
A lot of dark skin women are not too relaxed when looking for products online..especially from Korea or anything like that since a lot of products do not really cooperate with our skin tone. I took a chance..and it was only 7 dollars.
I was in luck! The product is totally transparent and absolutely silky smooth with a light citrus scent!
It completely glides over rough spots and pores so that when yoi apply your foundation you are prerrt flawless and smooth looking.
I have only really used it on the back of my hand.
I will do a better demo later.
So far I have photos..
It also came with 4 samples.. 2 are in korean and I cant read them. However they seem great! Lol.
The other 2 consist of one Essence and one pore strip for blackheads ajd impurities. I will use it tonight and if I like ..I will let you know.
Thats all I got right now.
I recommend it. Its only 7 bucks on ebay and its a great product which works on all skin types and tones.
Alright. I am now going to wash my face and tey this nose strip!
S' laters!

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