. one-hundred and eighty-seven

1/24/2010 02:26:00 AM

New years.
This, is why i try not to drink... haha. not as bad as last year though... -_-

But anyways.
I'm here trying to finish up my last bit of homework before EXAMS!
I am having difficulties in my life choices right now, and I have somehow picked something and now I am re-thinking it and I want to change it, but I can't. FUCK.

Other than that. Life had been alright.
I hate idiots.

By idiots, I mean people who act dumb for attention.
I hate those.
Like, they are so immature and stupid, and they act as if they're cool, cause for some reason they think that others think they're cool, but in reality.... people are starting to say things that refelct the person's UNCOOL-ness.
Why pretend, when you can just live in the reality? You know?
Just live your life, and be you.. and let the magnet of natural essence be your guide to attaining friendships and your own identity. That's all I'm saying.


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