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1/31/2010 05:28:00 PM

Conduction of words shit.

I'm beginning to blog like, really lamely, where things are only a couple sentences long ad shit. It sucks. I actually hate it, but TOO LAZY TO CHANGE IT UP AT ALL. So whatever. I'm not having many problems however....

Are you supposed to feel yourself going crazy? Or is it something that just pops up? Like, is the fact that I sometimes feel myself going insane, mean I'm actually NOT going insane? I don't know. I'm not worried, I'm not really feeling that crazy at this point in time, I'm feeling awkward.

Awkward because something happened to me. Something that is actually very unusual for me, well not really, but ... WHATEVER OKAY!? Just hear me out on this one...
Okay, so basically, I saw an old "friend"(?) a minute ago (well, not really a minute but you get it..) and ... well, you know when you get a feeling off someone that they like you? Well, I always knew he liked me cause well, a) it was obvious and b) he gets jealous when certain shit goes down. I remember one time when I was at a party and him and his friends were there and I was "hanging" out with his friend(who I ALSO saw a 'minute' ago) and when I saw "hanging out" I mean, things got a little, errm....
I don't know what went on in my mind that night, but for some stupid ass reason it seemed like a good idea...to go overboard that is.
MIND OUTT THE GUTTER FOLKS, Nothing HOT of that kind of nature happened, but it was out of my particular character...
So anyway, to make a long enough story short, he caught a glimpse of me and his friend (and before this party, we were "talking" it up, but stopped, well, he stopped calling me so WHATEVA right?) and got a tinsy winsy bit jealous...
So after that he hit me up on MSN Messenger and was like:
Dude: "Did you have fun last night?"
Me: "LOL, Uhh, yeah it was alright, you?"
Dude: "yeah, but not enough girls were there, it was a sausage fest"
Me: "haha.. true."
Dude: "well, you seemed to be having fun with 'DUDE2' eh?"
Me: "lol, i guess, why were you spying on me?"
Dude: "LOL, I wasn't spying. I was chaperoning " (he said something like that)
Me: "Haha!!" (it was really LOL worthy to me..)

And yeah, so he would always bring up his friend 'DUDE2' up every time we went out as a group of people. Which pissed me off, cause... I was trying to forget about the night all together, cause well, him and my friend were actually 'talking', and I didn't want to be in a triangle.
So yeah.
Then me and DUDE went OVERBOARD one night, and the day after the OVERBOARD event he said something that made me wonder if he was trying to prove something to me, like as if he was trying to be like "Im totally better than DUDE2" or some shit... I don't know. Thats the feeling I got.

So, where was I going with this?
Oh right, the awkward feeling...
I don't know, I guess I don't feel that awkward, I think DUDE2, who I also saw a minute ago, still has the night of OVERBOARDness in the back of his mind, he probably doesn't even care.. but I just act as if it didn't happen. It didn't as far as I'm concerned. I feel a little bad about it.. but whatever. I only feel bad cause I virtually shun the kid every time I see him, every time except for a minute ago. He had me in an awkward position and I tried to get out of it, but couldn't, without looking like a real asshole.
Oh well.
You can't have all that you want right?

- I wish my camera didn't break, it was HD video.. my sister's is so crap.
P.S: I'm plugging in my twitter..lol



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