. one-hundred and ninety-four (Getting, too comfy)

2/16/2010 11:02:00 PM

So whats up people of earth who are reading? How have you been? I've been alright.
Remember when I discussed islands a few weeks back? Well, there seems to be an accidental wash up on a shore that I didn't mean to buck up.

The deal is... there is this "island" we'll say islandJ for the privacy factors. Okay, so I started conversing with islandJ with a mindset that we'd be JUST FRIENDS. You know? Like, we both established that we just wanted to stay friends, we weren't looking for relationships we just wanted to talk. We enjoyed talking. I think we still do.
Somehow, I think islandJ is struggling with keeping his mind on the friend factor. He's been beginning to ask odd questions, and getting jealous for nothing and talking smack about how I'm greedy cause I talk to him, and my exboyfriend...

I don't know how to summarize our hourly conversations, but basically, he's getting... comfortable.

The thing now, is that I secretly wanted this...
HAHA! Messed up? I know.

I don't know...
I was hoping he'd feel a stronger attraction to me, cause I liked him a lot too. But, it's like now that he's smacking me in the face with these random subtle emotions and confessions... I'm not feeling too good anymore.

We talk every night...
We had a slight arguement about me calling him back, cause my ex was on the phone..
I can see his frustration, however: WE ARENT FUCKING DATING. We're just friends, so I didnt think he'd get so upset. He really shocked me with his anger toward the situation. Though he kept saying "Im joking...chill."

I know he wasnt really joking.

Well, whatever...
I think the problem here is lack of straight forward-ness and communication.

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