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3/15/2010 09:48:00 AM


So... I've been distracted and I've been surrounded by issues and negativity.

I was talking to my guy friend last night, and he gave me a full on lecture on life, and pursuing my goals, and being about my "shit". I thought about it and said... "are you still drunk??" haha! But what he was saying WAS the truth.

I need to pursue my goals.
I need to really consider my future.
I need to stop messing around.
I need to get things done.
I need to aim for the highest.
I need to be amplified in terms of living life and being active instead of passive.

The only way to really succeed and feel the success is to be driven to do it. The more driven you are, the more determination you will feel, and when you achieve your goal, you will truly feel it. But the achievement can never come unless you drive your way through and find that determination that you have.

I've been told I procrastinate.
Its true.
I need to stop.
I'm going to stop.
Because through procrastination I will never be driven to finish my goals, until the last minute.
I need to be driven to complete my work and achieve my goals all through the process, not just at the end when everything should have been finished already.
I admire my guy friend, J, and his determination.
This has shown me that I should be able to admire MYSELF and start my OWN determination.

Here are my goals, I'll write them down later...

  • Work Harder in Data Management: omit the fact that you should have taken calc. and vectors and advanced functions and you should have asked teachers what data management was all about before getting into the course. Oh Well! Suck it the fuck up! This is a learning experience. From now on, you will just have to ask before getting into things. Work hard and get the grades you need.
  • Do the work: ... stop acting like you have time. YOU DONT. YOU NEVER DO. Always try and get things out of the bloody way. Stop waiting until it all piles up.
  • DRINK WATER! : Drink a cup of water at least every hour at home. When out, or at home, try to finish your water-bottle every other period. Thats two a school day. Then maybe move it up to one finished every period. Then every half period. ^__^
  • Healthy Eating! : Okay, the vegetarian thing is not working. But you can still eat as many healthy foods as possible. And you can cut down on meat. And you can eat more of the healthier foods.
  • Read More Books: What ever happened to getting books? You've cut down on reading for some reason. GET BACK ON IT! Stop being "bored".
  • Cook: Learn some recipes or create!
  • Write: keep writing short stories, poems and such. Keep the writing dream alive.
  • Grow: Your hair, your mental self and spiritual self too. With all these goals.. it shouldn't be too difficult.

I going to pursue my goals.
I going to really consider my future.
I going to stop messing around.
I going to get things done.
I going to aim for the highest.
I going to be amplified in terms of living life and being active instead of passive.

You should get some goals ready too!
I've also been inspired by thinkandgrow chick.
check her out!:

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