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Anonymous: Hey I know this is random but.. I have a problem..
I've been feeling hopeless lately and havent gone to school in a month and a few weeks. I think its because I never enjoy being away and then come to this new school where i know no one... and be stared at with criticizing eyes. You seem like a good person to talk to.. and I was wondering if you had any advice other than "Just go to school." Cause Ive told myself that... and it doesnt work

I don’t think your not going to school is the problem right now. Although not going to school is a problem, the bigger problem seems to be that you’re feeling hopeless. So telling yourself to go to school didn’t work because that’s not the direct solution.

Why are you feeling hopeless? Is it because you know no one and you feel like you’re being critiqued in this unfamiliar environment? If that is the case then I guess what you should be telling yourself is what you love about you. I know it must suck going to a new school, being away from people you are comfortable with and feeling as though you are not fluidly merging with this new community. But you’ve got to realize, even if people are talking they aren’t worth your time. People who are willing to judge you without knowing who you are lost. They, too, are on their own journey trying to figure out themselves and rather than looking internally and solving their own issues and fixing their own flaws, they’d rather point out others’.

You do need to go to school, but you need to go there with this different mind state. You need to be happy being alone (for now). Because when people see you’re happy with yourself they’ll want you to be happy with them, they’ll be curious how you conquered such a feat.

Life’s hard. If life were a person, it’d probably be the most inconsiderate but also pleasantly surprising being to grace this earth. You’ve got to be strong, go to school, and hold your nose up to those people criticizing you. They’re really not worth your time.

I really can’t answer this question fully, because like I said, the bigger issue is why you’re feeling hopeless and issues of self image and esteem. In short, however, I’d say stay strong, roll with the punches, throw your middle finger in the air, and say “fuck ‘em!”

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