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11/30/2011 07:42:00 PM

Hey all!

I think it's time to say, that I shall try my best to keep up with this blog and my vlog.. Though everyone is pretty much on tumblr now, I will maybe embrace both my tumblr blog and this blog together! I am using this blog mostly to organize my boughs since I am going to go back to vlogginggg more seriously again. And unlike my past vlog I will have a more rounded vlog . It is going to be hard to get back on the scene now that there are more people in the bandwagon, but I feel as though if I can bring anything new to the NATURAL HAIR TABLE then I shall try.
My upcoming video will be either an updo tutorial or some type of hair tutorial. I recorded a tutorial last week but then realized my cam died on me... So that was disappointing.

As you may or may not know , my exam period is coming close so I won't be on par with a frequent vlog schedule however I shall try my best to get back up there!

In the meantime, if you're bored and enjoy watching Asian girls ... Check out my friend AREOHESSAY on YouTube ! ^___^ you may enjoy it, you may be frightened, you may even get turned on who knows!?


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