Hey all! Regimen Updates

11/15/2011 04:39:00 PM

So I am swamped in book work OH MY GOSH! But oh well, I am trying my best here...
I've been doing a lot of retail therapy that I should not be doing... especially since I need a new laptop. But this week is the last week I am going to spend carelessly. Hopefully.


Hair style of choice right now is a twist out on damp/almost dry hair.
I spritz it and then use castor oil, and Shea butter to moisten. Then gel to twist and activate some curls. In the morning I take it out using my Universal Styling creme by Aveda. It is really the only way it comes in handy - other than taking out twists, braids and bantus it sucks. So I definitely recommend the Aveda Styling Creme if you want something to take your twists out or your braids out or your bantu knots out.
As for washing... I am still trying to get into being diligent about my hair regimen. However, I am trying to avoid products that work, but leave my hair in bad shape. Such as petroleum.... and calcium building products. I am possibly going to do a Baking Soda or ACV rinse.

As for my FACE...
Cold weather is here and I finally bought the Cleanse Off Oil by M.A.C. It fcking rocks my socks off, and it is so relaxing and makes taking off my makeup not so terribly tiring anymore! I use the double cleansing method. I wrote about tihs a long time ago on my other blog, which is pretty much NOT BEING USED.

The 5 steps are:

1. Double cleansing —> 2. Massage & mask —> 3. Tone —> 4. Essence —> 5. Moisturize.

You can read more about the double cleanse here: http://k-popped.com/2008/04/korean-

I have run out of Essence, however this is what I do....

  1. Use the cleanse off oil to get rid of makeup
  2. Cleanse again with a gel cleanser (it doesn't matter, but I prefer gel clensers. I go back and forth from Neutrogena , Nivea and St Ives... which is a cream cleanser and exfoliant)
  3. Mask. (I do this once or twice a week)
  4. Tone my face. I dont own a toner right now, so I am using the OFF YOUR FACE wipes by Soap&Glory
  5. Essence and/or Rosehip oil massage.
  6. Moisturizer. I use St Ives Collagen lotion or OLAY classic moisturizer ..

I may do a video if I am bored, and to illustrate these steps better. This is what I do at night though.

In the day:

  1. Rinse/Wash my face with lukewarm/cold water
  2. Pat dry.
  3. Massage 1-2 drops of rosehip oil onto my face.
  4. Optional: A little moisturizer before makeup routine.

That seems to be all for now. Have a great few days, while I bust my ass trying to get school work done!

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