OKAY back to this..

3/06/2012 12:42:00 PM

So I have damaged my hair really bad.

I have been dying it and pressing it...and dying it.. and pressing it.
My hair is absolutely fcked. I would take a photo but its so disgusting, I dont want my blog to get flagged for it.

I learned about "curl ambassadors" via the radio, and it turns out there is a salon in my region! TORONTO!! Woot!

Okay, so I have made an appointment. I am hella scared, however they have gotten tons of grat testimonials so I am hoping it is better than my expectations....which are very low.

I am doing a full on HAIRCUT. As in.. basically big chopping again. But because I can never get enough colour, I am going to to a cut and colour. Yes. Indeed.
I will get my sister to follow me or something and record it.... lol. Cause there are absolutely NO haircuts on youtube for females of this hair type.
we shall see what is in store for me.

So, the above picture of Kelis is what I am going for. So

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