hello, and shit..

10/17/2012 12:15:00 PM


This is terrible but this time... I mean it when I say... I am back.
Like, I know I said it before.... how I got wrapped up in Tumblr and stuff like that...but THIS time I am SO SERIOUS. SO SERIOUS.

To update you anyway.. I went through braids, and my natural hair was at shoulder length and thennnn...

I cut it.

So.... yeah.

Then it GREW a bit.. but because I don't comb my hair...and kind of forgot the importance of frequent moisturization... I sort of got a LOAD OF TANGLES that looked like dreads..my hair got UBER dry and i got my hair again. So now I am back on the growth train for good. Gonna go all the way this time.

So in order to still have tumblr.. I made a Hair Blog for tumblr too... Videos and shit are easier to post on Tumblr to be honest. I can post inspiration on there and whatnot... with no hassle. Blogger is just SO outdated in some senses...so...

I will try my best on here to get back in it to win it. :]

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