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12/14/2012 03:25:00 AM

Hello all, I have now acquired an iPod 5. Thus I can easily blog from anywhere at anytime at all! Awesome!? Yes.

So, the news is that I may indeed be starting up a new blog with a well-known blogger gal. She was a reader of this very blog when it first started- and while I fell off the planet of writing online, she continued and became quite a big deal. Thus, inspiring me to continue this thing I have here.

More news...
I am growing out my hair! Again.
I have my hair in kinky twists at this moment. I was thinking I would be keeping it up for 6 months, in order to grow it out a bit.

More news...
I'm broke-ish again, so... Need a new job. My current job is dwindling on hours. Meaning my money is falling short. Meaning bills are not being paid. Meaning ... Well, meaning I need some money. So, I am currently on the look out for gigs or part-time things.

I have acquired a contributing writing position at the site: Cinefilles. Where they pretty much give female writers and more specifically, female editorial and reviewers a chance to geek out and review movies and soundtracks and old time films. I'm excited for my upcoming project, which is to review and recommend the OST for The Man with the Iron Fist film.

I also have a sorta exciting internship at the Canadian Business Journal. Not quite sure of my tasks, but I start Wednesday.

More news...
I am still active on Tumblr and Twitter and Instagram.
Instagram: sharzonthis

Yeah ...
That's all folks!
Going to try and write on here more often and bring back the natural hair talk, the life talk and all that other fun stuff.


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