12/17/2012 03:04:00 AM

So, you know that shit about how people shape the future they want by "imagining it happening to them." Or some shit? You know, that whole "the secret" thing?

I shall tell you that ... Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. I mean. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of something I'd want to happen, and then when it comes into fruition, I am standing there astonished at how powerful my mind MAY be.

Or maybe I'm just extremely tired right now, and I don't even realize I'm making NO sense.

It's just that ... Some of the time, things happen and I feel like it was either fate - and regardless of what I think, it was bound to happen. Or it's actually my mind power! It's hard to doubt that, when there are events that could not have been caused by anything else. I currently cannot think of any instances in particular where this has happened, but it has definitely happened a few times.. Where I remember standing and thinking "Maybe I am a mega mind!"

Well anyway, I thought I would wanna use this "MegaMindPower" to shape out my future. Not telling anyone anything, I just want it to sit in my mind and grow and grow... And maybe that will give it the oomf that it needs to become a reality.

Or do I sound ridiculous?

I don't know. Sometimes I think I'm making sense, and sometimes I think I'm not.

However, things make perfect sense in my mind. I would love to really start thinking and moving towards my life goals. Reaching where I want to reach and being happy and fulfilled right there. I know I belong right there. My calling is right there. My future is right there. And that's what I'm striving for.

Maybe you should just try it.
Just try imagining yourself in a situation you'd want to be in, in the nearest future. Like sometime later this month. Make it realistic. None of that " I can see myself with a million dollars!" shit, when you don't even do anything at all that can get you a million dollars. You don't play the lotto and you don't work anywhere that would give you that kinda money... So let us be reasonable.

Also, don't leave it up to "The Cosmos" or anything. You have to -once again - be realistic with this. Don't just imagine getting something or doing something. You have to also imagine the process... Like how on earth you would go about making that happen, or how you would respond, or some type of connection that you may have had with the event. You need to remember that you play a role in all of your experiences. So... Yeah.

It's harder said than done to be honest. But I'm trying to describe this the best way I can. Try it out though. Meh.. Maybe I'm just hungry and tired.


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