I will start talking about hair and shit

12/23/2012 06:36:00 AM


I just have a few more things to say, about shit that isn't all that relevant...to hair and all that other stuff that I'm supposed to be talking about. It's my blog and I will do whatever I want to. Damnit.


I don't have any words of wisdom anymore. I don't know a lot of jackshit. I do know that I have a lot about myself that is definitely not perfect. The worst of me has been brought out due to a lot of things in my life that has gone wrong or sour or whatever. So I have not really felt qualified to give my two-cents on anything about life.

Any philosophies.
Any advice.
Any opinions.

Anything really. Except hair and shit.

I'm slowly working to rise above it youth and it has been working for the most part. I feel anyway...

I am ....like a bird I wanna fly away.
Sorry, I had to. Haha, it just seeped through my main thoughts and took over. Song had been in my head.

Anyway back to this... So...
With the the things that have been coming to the surface. All the flaws that have been given to me to look at... I guess I am feeling like a broke person sometimes which makes me lose interest in sharing my ideas with others or anything ...

For the most part I know that this may just be a perfect example of self destruction- and making myself feel invalid due to all the s flaws I have.

Should I have not have had extreme confidence in myself though? I wasn't cocky. I just knew myself enough to not get jealous or insecure over things that had nothing much to do with me. If I had a certain body type... And someone else had a certain body type ... I wasn't jealous or insecure in the slightest . I was actually happy for them. I sang their praises for the Huge Ass they may have had. I gave them props for being able to hold up those massive breasts that they have. I would tell them how pretty I thought they were...and we'd exchange words of encouragement especially as black girls who just want to stick together and be there for each other and shit.

I never had an issue sharing the light
So I think as long as you are confident but not a complete jerk about it. It should be okay. Kind of like, laughing at people. I felt like it was alright in moderation as long as one can laugh at themselves too. Which I had been very much able to do.

I guess I have just given my opinions and ideas then... Haha.

Well, I'm done that train of thought for now. I can't think too far into at the present moment. There are just a lot of things I want to think and get a feel about.

I have a pretty big list.

New Years Resolution #2: Speak & Ask.
I wanna start blogging and vlogging again.
I want I create this time. Like actually create better videos with concepts and better editing and more captivating shit.


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