Dipping My Toe Back In This Water.

12/15/2012 11:33:00 PM

So, I don't even remember how I used to work this blog anymore...that's how long it has been since I really took the time to actually get in on this blog.

Reasons for not being on here?
A lot going on, busy as all hell. University is not a procrastinator's best friend... Let me tell ya!
Also, my never ending story of bad luck with technology... I had a mess up with my first laptop, bought a new one...and within a month I fucking broke the screen. So....it just kept getting worse and worse. Then my little cousin was cleaning up and dropped my damn laptop! So....

As you may have figured... That's a barely useful laptop now.


I have gotten over it now though, it's all good. In the grand scheme of things I have way bigger fish to fry. I have been looking for a new job since the current one is stingy on cashola...by giving me shit hours. Can you believe these fools expect me to work 2 hours? On a Friday night? From 9-11? When I have no business being on this side of the city ?
How about...no.

So there's that. I have been on Tumblr the most... It's so easy for such a lazy kid like me... Hehe. However, I am going to get in on this blog again. I'm thinking I want to have some staple places to be on the interwebs... This is my home and Tumblr is like my cottage...that I have been spending way too much time in. Cottages are not meant to be resided in year round. This is a stupid illustration ...
Anyway, the point is - I want to make this a staple and have Tumblr be more of the addition to this one.

So that's the plan.

Now on to the rest of this shit.
How is it going ya'll!? What's really really ... REALLY good!?
-stinkmeiner voice-

So it's pretty much the end of the year. Yes year. I don't care what anyone says... End of the world is NOT coming. I mean if it does, it will be pretty damn random. Cause nothing has really set us up for it. Ya know?
Also, the only thing I'm scared of on the 21st is some lames who will actually take this shit seriously and start doing some outlandish shit. I'm not really trying to have any wackos jumping me for food or water or some shit. Or maybe everyone will be calm...and no one will be jumping anyone. Hopefully people just keep they're asses inside and pray or something...instead of going off on the sane ones.

So in the event that the world DOES NOT END... My New YEars Resolutions shall start now..

1.) Gain back my healthy weight.
I had lost a shit ton of weight over the summer. So... I want to gain it back.

To be continued...


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