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6/25/2013 06:36:00 PM


So hello everyone and how is it going in the world of YOU? I hope whomever may or may not be reading this is having a pretty good day so far. I feel like I am really talking to no one. I haven't been on here as often as I used to - however I have a laptop again. However, with one shit thing comes a great thing - which is I have a laptop again, but I have lost my Camera

That is sort of okay - I guess I will use my Note 2 as a camera for the time being until.... I can find a new charger or get a  new camera all together. You know?

So anywaysss...


Okay so as you may not have known I finally did the HUGE DOOKIE BRAIDS thing and I am out here looking like I should be on the set of Friday or Juice or Poetic Justice or some shit. Which is great cause that is sort of what I was looking for. I used about 9 packs of Kanekalon in my head...the first 2 days were brutal - however I am cool now. My hair has been in braids for maybe....2 months? 3 months? It feels like 2 but my hair grows fast so it is starting to look a little....interesting now ....if you know what I mean.

I have been debating cornrows or something. But seeing as I may not have enough cashola to get my hair braided again...cause most of the money went to the braids to be honest...the hairdresser thought I was crazy - but....nah I just really needed NINE PACKS.

Okay so, yeah... I think I will give my hair a break from the false hair and just work with it as is for a month. Until I gather some more funds to fix it up. I mean - its great to not have to do my hair everyday to every other day but - sometimes I want to have a little one on one with my hair.... and long hair is def something I need to hold off on for a bit - I need my NECK to get a break.

So I have bought 3 new hair products (and one new face product..cause I am having skin troubles..)

Went to Sally's this afternoon and bought the following which I will be trying out later in the week:

I finally got the Tangle Teezer!
It's in pink and I have heard so much GREATNESS from this product all over the natural-hair-blog-and-vlogoshphere about I got it.

It was only 16.59 with my Beauty Club Card.

I got the Proclaim Argan Oil Shampoo

and I got ....some wide tooth combs.

MORE later!

I will still need to take out my braids soo..


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