[LIFE] I have a confused sore throat

2/09/2014 02:13:00 PM

It's sore but it's not sure whether it wants to really hurt you or not.  -_-

Okay so anyway, 

It's Sunday and as much as I'd like to take this day to relax..I have school stuff to do. I finally took some time to drink and eat with coworkers after work last night. It was actually pretty nice, besides the fact that we went for drink after work ...AT OUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT. 

It would have been much better if it were Montana ' s or something, cause our managers were just like...staring at us...and stuff.

Super weird.

But I enjoyed the hour spent.

In other news,
Seriously. I need to go back to the gym. But I also need new shoes. I realize that when I make irrational calls and decisions I tend to....

Not think about it all the way through.

So I need to basically get a bunch of new footwear. 1 for everyday and 2 for the gym. I took a look at those Nike free 5.0 or whatever they're called. Tried those babies on and WHOOOOOOOOO!

They are the best.  I love them. I am buying them. That is going to total like.. 135 after taxes..at minimum. 

Worth it.


I am very excited to go to the gym more often again. I am going to be so happy to finally go back and center myself in something that makes me feel good.


So tired.
Don't really have things to say lately but when I do..I will be back!

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