9/05/2016 03:10:00 PM


1.    Day one (evening) so I open this box. I was disappointed that it didn't come with a box to charge it with so I had to grab the little cube from my iPhone to charge it in my bathroom for an hour or so. But upon using it. I LOVED IT. Felt so soothing after a VERY LONG DAY working as a server for 11hrs. And left my skin look fresh clean and feeling SO SO SOFT. For my first evening with this, I am so glad I bought it. I think it brought some of my blemishes to the surface but that's okay. I used it on my neck and declottage with a Vichy Normaderm purifying deep cleansing gel. So far so good. On the morning I plan to use it with either my Bioderma sebio whatever cleansing gel or Mario Badescu enzyme gel.

2.    Day two (morning): so I realized that I tend to use the Foreo Luna Mini 2 just for a little over 1 minute. Only because I feel like I haven't lathered it up yet and I haven't gotten everywhere I want to go on either side of my face by the time the pulses happen. So… In that case, I decided to try lathering up with the Luna THEN turning it on. Besides, the Luna auto shuts off as soon as it's been overused (3min) according to the manual. I've never exceeded 2min though. I cleansed with Bioderma today. My face felt SO SOFT again. It's crazy. I don't understand how it does what it does. My skin texture is so different. It's also probably raising some of my cyclic acne but it's not a bad thing. I rather them be extracted than stay in my pores. Which is usually what happens for me. It's annoying cause it leaves a bump that can never be really healed. Ugh. Anyway. I applied my makeup over top, I used The Body Shop’s tea tree oil primer and the Benefit mattifying gel mixed with Cover FX custom drops. WHICH I LOVE TO DEATH. Haha.  It's the greatest combo since I could never find a foundation other than Estée Lauder’s double wear that stayed on my face and didn't build up oil or melt away. So this combo is great cause the Tee tree primer is super mattifying almost to the point where it's crazy. So my face ends up looking dewy instead of oiled up. Which I like. I've always liked the dewy look. Or sometimes I look just normal as in not dewy and not matte just skin. Anyway that's a review for another time. Haha. But yeah so far so good.

I just need to stop TOUCHING MY FACE since that's incredibly no good for me. But the Foreo leaves it SOO SOFT I can't help it.

Day 3.5
Getting some acne now. I'm guessing it's a purge thing now. They aren't out if control but they're here for sure. I'm not sure if it's the cleanser I'm using. Which has always been a lacklustre one – so I'll try a better cleanser later on but I want to finish these for now.
I'll probably use my Vichy Normaderm just because it has salicylic acid in it.

Week 3.5.
Alright so I’ve limited to using it once a day at night cause it made my skin SUPER DRY maybe I overused it. My kin looks great now that I’ve taken a break – but I noticed that everywhere I used it (OD’d it rather) – it flared up and got dry and then the oil would try to come through and just create a mess of acne.

My skin feels great though. I use it once a day and never over use it or use high settings.

I’ll update you on my new skincare products next week!

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