Setting Goals.

11/13/2010 04:42:00 PM

It takes 21 days to develop a habit...

I want to be able to do the following things in the matter of 21 days straight, until I feel as though I don't have to TRY and do it.. it just comes naturally.

  1. Drink like 2L of water a day.
  2. Go to bed early everyday in order to wake up early every morning.
  3. Eat more fruits and Veggies... now that im not living at home, its harder to do that.
  4. Actually take my Iron pills and start taking multi-vitamins.
I have noticed my skin looking a little down and out, and realized it might just be because of my diet and lack of a sufficient amount of water in my body. Besides that, I have a stinky sleeping pattern and I haven't been taking my much needed Iron pills for my anemia...which is not very good. Haha... ehem.

I am also trying to start a new Hair-care regimen.
I am going to try and learn how to cornrow, so that when winter comes I can make a protective style, without having to go to the stupid hairdresser. I hate hairdressers sometimes. I had to snip a bunch of crisp ends off, due to heat damage, this afternoon. My length is at shoulder or - more like not quite shoulder. You know? I am also going to try buying some castor oil for my hair to seal. However, for now I am using:

Moroccan Oil, Olive Oil S-n-H pudding, coconut oil, and IC Gel.

With these I am shingling my hair, or doing 2 stranded twists and twist-outs in the morning and then wearing it until it gets old, then I redo them.

I am seriously going to try hard to get some length in m hair, cause.. I want to have bra strap length by my 2 yr "nappyversary" . SERIOUS!


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