11/13/2010 11:07:00 PM

There has been this thing. This thing has been the same since I was a child, and I am 18 now and it's still here.

It seem as though there is a hierarchy of 'black' , I mostly see it with women who claim to be "conscious ". They could have dreadlocks, afros, braids and a bald head and they feel as though they may just be the epitome of AFRICAN-DECENT. In my own experience as an example:

Growing up, my hair was not natural all through my life... my mother had my hair distorted at the age of 4 and it was like that on and off until I turned 16. My cousins, were were natural all of their lives (until, ironically, I WENT NATURAL.... haha!), were always on my case calling me a "white girl", and telling me about the chemical dangers and calling me "slave-minded"... when in actuality.. I knew nothing about those things at such a young age. I was just living with my mother, not having my own choice toward my hair.

Even when I wore a good weave for a while four months ago, naturals who thought it was my real hair, looked down on me, and grunted towards me... as if I was a villain.

I must admit... being natural does send a shrill of freedom and empowerment down inside, however I am not going to scorn those who prefer a different hair lifestyle. I am not going preach like a "know-it-all" and tell people that their lives are "all wrong".

Its just another form of discrimination to me, and the world honestly has no room for that.

Being You can be Being 'Black'...
Being 'Black' shouldn't always have the same factors.
Contrast to that, the other day I was called "the whitest black person" someone has ever met... and I replied "I could never be the whitest black person... because I am not even close to that skin tone...and being african-decent should not omit holding knowledge and articulates. It should just be what it is... african-decent"

We should all support each other... in whatever hair journey people may be riding through.
No one is better than anyone before the law.... and I feel that no one should be better than anyone before nature.

Do you feel as if you have witnessed a hierarchy?
A naturals vs. others?
Do you oppose or not?

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