12/10/2010 10:53:00 AM

There are certain things that just shouldn't happen to people, and then there are certain things that people regret ever getting into. I feel as though I am going through part B of this predicament. Yeah, so I am back at school in order to review my future plans and get shit together so that I can get what I want ... however it seems liek when you've been through the same thing for a long time - and couldn't wait to get out...- why do it one more time?

Oh well... I honestly can't do anything about it now, I am already in the thick of this mess.

So in times like these, people like to make New Year's resolutions in order to make themselves believe that something is going to change, and hopefully that something is positive towards a regretfull negative.

I am actually in the regretful hell-hole right now, enduring a bunch of crap that frankly I can do without. I mean, it's becoming really difficult to get a internship with anyone and no one wants me, or no one wants a student who isn't in University or who hasn't graduated University - so it is becoming quite an annoyance to even wake-up and go to this stupid hell-hole everyday. There have seriously been days where I was glad to be sick, so I wouldn't need to go to class.

Seriously. I was at the hospital last friday (for what I thought was a bladder infection - it was nothing.) and it was the happiest school day since late September.

It is just THAT SAD.

So, with that all said .... I believe I am now prepared to start thinking about my New Year's Resolutions, don't you think so?

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