Not to sound like a B*tch but...

12/22/2010 03:21:00 PM

You choose the course to take...

You normally wouldn't just go into a program without thinking of the costs and benefits. If you are choosing law, you look at the pathways that a degree in Law will take you. Its just that simple, I mean... what did you expect? You expected to be a Two-faced gossiping b*tch and didn't take into account that it may come to bite you in the long-run?

Well, too bad, so sad.

You just lost one.

What's wrong? You and your accomplice mad cause both your boyfriends thought my persona was too intimidating to approach me, so settled for your asses instead? Welp, be glad cause now your somewhat wanted. Dude who took your accomplices virginity always tried to ask me out, however I publicly rejected him over 50 times... all while she was either with him, begging for him back, and trying to get him jealous. So that is probably why she's mad/jealous... and it's understandable.

I'm just saying...
Don't be shocked that I cut you out of my life hombres, cause it was actually a matter of time.

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