"Good news is on its way"

12/14/2010 12:21:00 PM

So, it is happening.

I read the fortune letter, that is there EVERY single day on the computer screen, taped on there.
I wanted to just peel it off one day, because it's honestly NOT you fortune, if YOU didn't crack open the cookie, right? However, today .. on a day when I was thinking of taking an early leave to enjoy the warmth of my room and blankets; I get Good News that I am to be interviwed - twice!- by Share newspaper and a place named The Student Commission. Both are good establishments, however - I think I may lean more towards Share Newspaper.

If you're lost, I will fill you in:

I am taking another year of school in order to get some journalistic experience so I can go into my program of study in University (which is Radio&Television Broadcasting or Journalism).

So now...

Share Newspaper is a Black / Carribean Community based newspaper, and though I don't really pay too much attention to ethnic-based orginaizations - because I feel it is a little backwards on the fact that everyone is human and there is no such thing as race- I really need some experience for my portfolio! So, I will have to put my issues and beliefs aside and take on this interview that I have today at 3:30 with this Black Community newspaper.

So, I guess you CAN say Good News came my way.

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