Baow, baow, baow!

12/20/2010 09:27:00 PM

I don't know why I keep repeating that stupid thing from that rapper's song. I forgot his name, but that "Baow" thing is annoyingly addictive to say... especially when I have nothing else to say. Haha!

I am going to try and be more consistent with this blog again, seeing as I have been away for a very long while, I am trying to get back into the groove of things, ya' know? Some things I really want to do with this blog is design it myself. I want to learn how to design it so that it comes out the way I really want it to look, instead of settling for the ready-made template/layouts that Blogspot made.
I have been doing some research on how to accomplish this wish, so maybe I'll have my own layout ready before the month is up - or at least before February.

You guys already know - if you're a new follower you probably don't - that I am pretty into fashion and certain types of things, but the NEWEST addition to my interests has turned into make-up. I know, I know make-up is girly and I didn't turn up on the scene being into the make-up thing... but I somehow got sucked into it. It's like MAGIC!

So lately:
I've been doing some shopping, mostly thrift shopping.
Indulging at make-up escapades.
Doing one new hairstyle - Bantu-knot out.
Living with my boyfriend
Going to school
And the normal daily activities.
Musical interest addition: SOME electronic songs and when I say some, I seriously mean SOME.

But you know, it's all whatever in the moment type of thing. Just trying to survive and get what I need to get done... done.

Welp! Thats all folks!

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