A year ago tomorrow....

12/31/2010 02:21:00 PM

A year ago tomorrow at 9am or 10am....

I was on the bus home from a crazy new years night thinking to myself that "2010 is going to be MY year.", and I played Feelin' It by Jay-Z on the way home with a smile on my face. Turns out, the year was alright... it had its ups and downs and it ended up being almost the same as 2009. Besides graduating high school. The few good things that happened to me was possibly moving out of my grandma's and getting a really supportive, talkative, funny, intelligent and handsome boyfriend this year. Though we get into pointless arguments - some which stem from my mood swingy self - we understand each other and work together to achieve our own goals. Teamwork is a pretty big part of our relationship.

So yeah..

He pisses me off but I love him, and thats just how it is. Haha.

As for everything else in 2010....
I let go of a lot of dead weight in my life, I cut some "friends" out of my life and I have been attempting to relieve myself from stress and stressors since then. It felt good to finally get rid of the dead weight, I mean sure I didn't get to o the whole extravagant split that I wish I could have done. It is too late now though, there's no point in giving them my time AGAIN in order to clarify things that really don't need clarifying. I won't waste my time (again) to deliver my oral essay of how I am done and fed up with their bull. You know?

I can still have just as much fun without them - and I have proven that through the many times I went out and they happened to be around, I had a good time - a great time just recently.

My hair grew to my collar bone from being a Teeny Weeny Fro. I'm happy about that.
Sure this New Years doesn't seem too JAM PACKED with anything fun and exciting, but that is mostly because all my friends have boyfriends now and we're serious about our relationships. So we don't feel the need (though I never really felt the need) to go out and dress up and grab numbers.

If anything, I may end up either going to a hotel party.. which sounds fun but may not be fun, and then go look for my boyfriend downtown before 12am.

Happy New Year Everybody!!
I hope everyone is ready for another year of life and opportunities!
I know I am.. I've been ready.

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