Getting Serious Now...

11/12/2010 11:37:00 AM


I am finding it difficult to find time to blog like I used to... ugh.
However, I am here to talk about my HAIR and what has been going on with it- for the pass couple of months.

So, since my latest post in April, my hair went into :
1st: a weave.
2nd: a wig
3rd: extensions
4th: extensions again
5th: a wig... again.
6th: I took out the braids, and then straightened my hair with HEAT (dun, dun, dunnn)

So, i had my hair straight for a week and two days, and got sick of it... and washed my hair.
Now I am rocking my FIRST BANTU-KNOT OUT! Since I was transitioning so ... thats wicked that I can finally achieve that. My hair straight came about shoulder length, it was full and shiny... my friend thought it was a weave....Haha!

I snipped off the HORRIFIC AMOUNT of split ends I had, however the salon lady didn't cut all of them off, so I need to somehow get new hair scissors (since I lost mine.. while moving out of my house), and dust them...

I've been using a new product from the Organic Olive Oil company and it's called Smooth -n-Hold Pudding!

I just tried it two days ago, and it was really satisfying. I couldn't use it in the shingling method way, cause my hair is currently messed up due to heat damage... however it did it's thing, and I got a lot of compliments.

It has mostly natural, if not ALL natural ingredients and once again the first ingredient on the container is WATER.
Some others are coconut oil, mineral oil, glycerin, aloe, olive oil (duh..), and avocado oil. So it seems healthy for your hair.

TRY IT OUT! Its like a gel, without the crispy, flaky, crunch. It leaves firm though..

I'm starting to use Argan Moroccan Oil and IC Aloe Gel.
Still on Shea Butter...and I am loving Coconut oil.

Thats all for now folks!

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