Good News, and Bad News...

3/30/2011 01:14:00 AM


Once again.. I've prolonged my rut. I guess I just have an issue with staying consistent, but point of all this is... I'm going to try anew again tomorrow! I've been going job hunting. Trying to gain courage and confidence an just barging in and applying. I have the POWER!

So other than that. I'm going to try because I actually DO have a goal to thrive for now. I've gotten an offer of admission from the university I really want to go to. Too bad it's not for the program that I was hoping for... ah well. Fck it, really. As long as I'm not in High School anymore...ugh never wanna go back.... ever ever again.

I guess this time I am for serious! I am seriously doing this because at first I was very depressed, and thought I wasn't going anywhere. But now that I see doors opening, I feel a little better and more motivated.

thats all.

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