Its your BRAINS that I want.... bro.

3/12/2011 03:06:00 AM


It's 3:06AfuckingM and for some reason I am not tired.

So I decided, why don't I drop a line on this here blog of mine? Yeah. So it's march break again here ... What did I do last March Break? I guess I'd have to scroll back to march 09 or 10 to see, but I'm too lazy. I think the best times for me to blog is when I am on the road. When I am out, I think of the most interesting things and see the weirdest shit, but then I get home and forget all about it. I don't want to really speak on the earthquake/tsunami in JPN.. cause I have heard so much about it today that I want a break...

But what I WILL SAY is that it has nothing to do with 2012. It was a plate shift that was strong enough to cause a tsunami and thats it. No "END OF THE WORLD" shit. This was a very natural disaster, as natural as it gets. This is something that happened in order to create the earths state today and where the continents are as we sit. Nothing cruel and unusual about it. So I am definitely sick and tired of that being said. Like come on:

I do not have to pray for destruction to cease, because who are we as humans to think we have any signification over every other aspect of the earth to even beg "whoever" to spare us?
I mean... we're here just like everything else is.
If we die, a lot of other things are going to die too.
Just like if trees die everywhere, we'll find it almost impossible to breathe, its a GOTDAMN circle.

Honestly, people need to relax. Whatever happens will happen, and there's nothing you and your hands, wit, or knowledge can do about it. Whether it's the earth blowing up somehow or an activation of a doomsday device, nothing is going to stop it. Or maybe something will, but you can't do shit. Especially if you don't got money/power/royalty.

Sorry... but thats fucking it.

So everyone basically needs to just suck up, gear up and/or shut the fuck up. Sounds like I am being a downer... but seriously you cannot actually think you got anything that could stop anyone or anything.

Love you! :)

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