Life = A Commodity...

2/28/2011 03:00:00 AM

Hey what is up peoples!? Its been a while, and once again my insomnia has drawn be to this blog so I can type myself to bed...

A lot of new things have happened... and a lot of slacking off has happened too. It was not even procrastinating it was definitely just PURE LAZY-NESS. Seriously I was just cooped up in my room for the past few days watching Korean Dramas and regretting things and thinking about everything and nothing simultaneously. I was feeling as though my life was a huge waste of time and I wish I could start a few moments all over. I mean - it is either Fate or Stupidity, and i cannot tell which one is which right now. It took me a while to just sit back and think about what exactly is best for me, and only me. I had to completely quit thinking about others and think for myself. I thought and thought and came to the bitter realization that - though I really think I am better off out of my grandmother's house and into the world, and I probably would be - times are hard enough as it is and it may be best to just stay....

So I moved back into the hell. Well, at least thins place doesn't have cockroaches.
From here on out, I really do have to work extremely hard, or my grandmother just might beat the living daylights out of me... verbally.

Moral of today is that Life is a commodity. Life is a quantity of goods, the goods are opportunities which are yours to either take or leave. Life is something of value, to take advantage of not to be taken away. Life is something to benefit from no matter what.

Have a great Monday.
(now listening to: The Party by St. Vincent)

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