Sorry I'm Back...right?

2/02/2011 02:52:00 PM


Once again I find it extremely hilarious that people think I DON'T SEE. I do my research before I say what I say, I make sure I keep up to par with my shit and I make sure I keep my stuff authentic to myself. Yeah... sure it's good for everyone to try and get their shine and take the first opportunity that comes across them... but honestly there is definitely a way to it. If I am up here saying I made a new fruit called... oh I don't know "Kiwapplemon" and them I have a bloody Farm to grow all my "Kiwapplemons" and then I grow sick and stop working on my farm....

You're really going to hop in my backyard at 3AM and steal my seeds and plants to go make your own "Kiwapplemons" and act like its yours?

I mean... this isn't a Kim vs. Nicki Minaj thing...

This is CERTIFIED "SwagJackery". Honestly.... it's so funny cause unlike Minaj, at least she did it up and rocked it and hit platinum - this "Kiwapplemon" thief didn't even spice it or slick it up... you know? But how am I suppoed to feel?


Nope... I mean I did at first, but then I got flattered like "Wow, I was so good that I made you wanna BE ME!?". I never thought something like this would happen to me, someone would PLAGIARIZE me. Frankly coming from someone who is going into the writing biz, this is like a compliment but it's also upsetting.

All I am saying is....
I have matured a lot more if you haven't noticed this blog has gotten a little less..... well, what it was before. As much as I would love be up here swearing and complaining and saying funny ish, I also want to get serious a little more too. Because of this, Bitches are LUCKY I am a much calmer person.

This is like my RECOVERY(Eminem's newest cd) CD in a Blog version I guess.

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