That would be great

3/16/2013 09:53:00 PM

A lot of things are happening at once.
I just need like 2 or more things to be beneficial and I will definitely feel better and be able to move up.

If I can just have a little luck come my way- that would be incredible.

If I can just get a bit of a sign that things are looking up- that would be great.

I would really appreciate that.

If I could stop seeing my weight fluctuating up and down and start seeing it keep going up and up and up... That would be great.

If I could get a new job and pay off these blasted bills... That would be great.

If I could get myself to see things in a more positive way again and try to shake off the way people have really screwed me and used me in the past- that would be great.

Of I could at least get these things... That would be really awesome.

I would be really appreciative and very happy.
Yep ...

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