Road to recovery. ..and shit.

4/18/2013 03:19:00 PM

Hello again.
I am on my way to recovery.  I had a very very frustrating and pretty exhausting school year and well... few months in general.  It has been a year or so of just LIFE CHANGING experiences.  One after another.  So, I am working in getting myself back in track in as many ways as I can. Using what I have and doing what I can.
I have to work on my finances.  I have to work on my new place of residence because I need space and a place of my own.  I have to work on saving up and gettng back my life.  Can't let everything else take over my shit anymore. 
I'm cuttng nonsense out. As usual. 
So I am aimibg for being settled in and have my own place and have everything going good and worked out by August . Obviously if I can get a place and be where I want to be earlier. ..that is also quite nice.  However,  I need a few things first. Housing is definitely expensive in Toronto. So I can't really get my own place til I aquire a good job.  Currently I am working on my smart serve in order to get into the Serving business.  Get myself some tip and shit. 
Who knows.  If I have the tine I may just have 3 jobs! (I am not being serious. .. I mean I will work one job and theb maybe do hair on the side and get some money off of that. Which reminds me: Anyone in the GTA..preferably in the 416 area want to get thier natural hair done...inbox me. Lol)
So yeah. I am starting everything today. I want to keep track of the work I have been doing and I want to make sure I reach my goals in time. 
Today I have business to take care of and I am super excited about finishing up this damn Smart Serve. I need to get this shit started!
My hair...
Is a gosh darn mess.
I have been doing wash and go's with Aussie Conditioner. I LOVE AUSSIE so much. However,  because I have been financially embarrassed lately...ehem I haven't gotten around to doing reviews or new products or anything.  It may take a while for that to happen. I will try to get cheap and effective products and see how it works.
I may go back to braids for a while until I have the finances and the free time to really play in my hair again.
That is all people.

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