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4/28/2013 02:29:00 PM

My sis Skype called me today to check on me and see if im okay. ..*feels loved*

Things start to get odd when your friends who are psych majors. . . Start psycho-analyzing you in situations. Using all these terminology. ..

Its fun.  I don't mind being in a situation like that with someone I trust knows me for a while.
When other people do it, it's kind of irritating.

It's more like an "ohhhh... you know what?  You are so right about that- that is definitely what I am doing right now. "

It's sometimes a good thing to have people that know you and to have the opportunity to come across people who are willing to get to know you. Some people want to help you rise up and some rather see you in the same place.
It's the people who really want to help that will try to get to know where you're coming from.

Even I am like that.
I am a nice person that likes to help out. However if I have no interest in really helping someone- I don't get to know them or get to know where their mind is at.
I am working on giving people the opportunity to let me know where they are coming from when asked of them.

I am learning every day.
Maybe someone will help me learn something more today.

I am thinking of blowing out my hair today.
I have a job interview tomorrow!
So I want to be... not looking like I do now.
I look pretty tired and worn out.
I cried all day yesterday. ..and people in the park looked at me funny. ..but I really didn't care.

Whatever man. ..I am human for crying out loud. pun intended.

I tried to get a hold of someone at times like this so that I don't do anything crazy.
My sis got me on snap chat and cheered me up.  Fell asleep and snap chatted me in the morning.  I guess she thought I was still down so she Skype called me.

My friend who goes to school with me messaged and told me where I should be seeing things.  It's good to get the perspective of someone who knows I'm not as bad as some might think.  Someone who just knows I make mistakes and need to learn from them. Someone who can just relax and tell me : maybe I am looking at things the wrong way and need to change my perspective.

Who just knows I am a person worth being around and trying to understand or at least know that I can be spoken to. If I take something the wrong way- this person knows it is a misunderstanding and comes back to explain where I am not seeing things.

It's refreshing and touching.

So, back to my hair. ..

Blowing it out.
I cowashed yesterday.
I don't have a wide tooth comb.
But I am going to use what I have. As always.

Job interview on Monday.
Got my smart serve! Sorta. ..

Because I got such a high mark on the final exam they need to call me for an audit. They think I cheated. ..

I honestly thought I was going to fail my first go through. ..but u got 98% on my first try!

Whoop! !

Anyway. ..
I am going to get started on my hair.


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