[LIFE] How To Feel Good About Life When You're Down - STEP ONE

9/11/2013 12:26:00 AM

Hello, Hello..

I have a huge headache. I had a bad start to the week and it just had gotten worse til 6PM.
Cracked my phone's screen. Financial issues. School issues - none having to do with my actual academics - thankfully.. Family issues - if you read further back in this blog you will see that, my home life is always annoying as all shit. A whole bunch of issues, a lot of which are not being mentioned today, cause well - I have a damn headache and can't be bothered. The only good thing that really came out of this day was getting a job interview for Thursday Morning. I am putting all my effort into getting a job...cause unfortunately that is the root to most of my problems.


So, yeah all this negativity surrounding me and all this depression had me feeling really down and out about my life. So - I decided I would work towards positive vibes...as in ACTUALLY work ACTIVELY towards these vibes. Not just think happy thoughts. Thinking happy thoughts alone - though it is a start - doesn't really get me anywhere. I have to be DOING things I really enjoy and participating in things that make me happy. A lot of the things that usually make me happy are very out of reach...thus I have to find new ways to effectively feel better. So I thought - whatever sure, i will blog about it - at least as a way to keep tabs on myself you know?


S, first thing is first I made a list of everything I appreciate in life. The things that make me happy. The things that bring me joy, the things that relax me...

Here is a little bit from my list of things:

Other than all of that, I am very grateful for another opportunity to at least have an interview with a job that has no commission! I am going to do everything I can in order to bag that one job there. Haha. ...sigh.

Other than that, I am incredibly tired and ready for bed now. I had a telephone interview with H&M last week Wednesday, so if all goes well, I may get an e-mail from them as well, however I am not having high expectations or anything. Every time I hype up an interview I had, it never turns out the way I had thought so... I will just have no comment. Plan for the morning is to wake up and do my laundry - make some food and keep applying to new jobs on the daily.

Every time I feel negativity or painful thoughts I will go back to my list of happy things and think about them, meditate on them and block out anything and everything else around me with the love and appreciation I have for everything  I had mentioned.

Review the things that make me happy every morning when you wake up and right before bed.

I remember when I was in Elementary - I was a very God Fearing young girl who prayed every night before bed - I remember that every time I prayed, before I asked for anything I made sure to be thankful of what I had already and thankful for even the smallest positivity I had throughout the day. Think of it like that. If you aren't religious, just think on those things - and if you are religious - I feel like that was a very good practice, that keeps you humble and down to earth about what reality is and what you need, want, and have.

ANYWAY.. I will be back with STEP 2 soon enough!


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