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9/25/2013 08:40:00 PM

Biggest headache ever...
My positivity project kind of ...went a bit...left but I got back on it!

Always going to hit bumps in the road, but I found ways to keep my head up and keep being positive no matter who is trying to disrespect or disregard me. I gave myself 60days to not only get my weight back...

But get some of my shape (if not all of it ) back. I went HAM on myself yesterday and today my body is aching SUPER hard. I ..

I just need to get a whole lot of protein in my body and recoup.  So I can get back on it tomorrow.  I technically walked uphill for 50mins that can go towards my daily workout.  Lmao.

I was in SO MUCH pain when I got in.

Going to try different avenues for my fitness though.  I am sorta can't really make it to the gym kr anything.  However,  where there is a will there is a way. I already see some improvement anyhow.

I realized that the key  to gaining weight is to eat a lot more calories than the average person.  .

I know what your thinking.

You're looking at me like: "well, uhh DUh! How did you NOT figure that out!?"

Well because I have been eating in portions to maintain a 118 body...that it has become a habit not to overindulge.  Like I used to in high school and elementary.

But it looks like I need to get back on it.

At least to a degree.

Im pumped and ready to go though! 

I set my end date and prepared my goals and notes in my phone and on my calendar so its all in front of me..

Thus very hard to avoid and forget.

Let's do this shit!


Alright headache is killing I'm going to relax.

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