[MUSIC] PlayList of the Week - VIBE SOUL ft. Iman Omari & more...

1/13/2016 09:31:00 AM

Decided to take a week off work in order to give myself a much needed break to work on my inner balance, prioritize my needs and get my life in order. The thing is - as much as money is super important;  I mean it gets you your foods, and other necessities (and unnecessities haha) - you can't let it tie you down from being happy and it's always healthy to take a nice and easy break. Be it a stay-cation, a real vacay or just 4-5 days off.

Today I felt awesome, woke up at 7AM and instead of wallowing in darkness at how cold it is outside and how unhappy I may feel - I decided to get up and make breakfast! This is easy for many, but not me. Being in a funk makes me super lazy and I end up starving myself and being grumpy. However, this morning...I said, I am going to fight this and do what makes me happy! Cooking, Music and my plants are easily accessible things that make me happy!

Last night I made Homemade DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner and I can honestly say I am impressed, so I can't wait to share that with you soon! Super easy and effective  - and economical, might I add for that #studentbudget.... With all the things you currently have in your home right now.YES RIGHT NOW IN YOUR HOME!

In any case, here's the songs I am absolutely loving this week..I plan to have these on repeat..

PlayList of Week; 01/13/16

1. Wait A Minute (ft. Tiffany Gouche) X Iman Omari
2. Lose It X Tiffany Gouche
3. Comfy Little Coffin X Stacy Barthe
4. September X Marian Mereba
5. Fantasy X Tiffany Gouche 
6. Maybe X Teyana Taylor 
7. Cold Sweat X Tinashe
8. Bet X Tinashe

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