[New Year New You] Read More. Do More (on time) & Be More (for yourself)

1/04/2016 12:57:00 PM

To be completely honest I was ready for 2016 before 2016 even started. Looking up best organization methods, looking through all the hair colours I want and planning my path for early 2016...this time I think I am finally prepared for a new year, and to become the best Me I can be for myself.

First of all I rather think of these as Lifestyle Resolutions on How To Be The Best Version of Me!

This year I would suggest instead of calling them new year resolution make it so that every single year you work towards evolving into the best version of yourself and that is my definite mantra for life right now is to keep evolving into a better version of yourself each day each year each decade..

When making my life solutions on how to be the best version of me I definitely wanted to look at what I really needed in the long run instead of things I wanted to change and get instant gratification out of. For example,I want to give myself more time away from the Internet even though it has become a bit of a job for me I want to give myself more time in silence and more time to myself outside of the screen. Also, I want to focus on my health and well-being by adopting a better diet, no NOT A DIET, but a change in how I eat long term. I also want to focus more on the things I love to do and that is writing blogging and capturing things I always loved the blog I just never gave myself time to do it and I want to do it now - not completely sure if I'm going to be back on YouTube for a while but I do know that I will be writing for sure. Lastly, I really want to focus on saving my money and getting my spirituality and balance I'm feeling like this year I want to be more in tune with my phone and more optimistic instead of pessimist I just want to change and be the Best version of myself when I look in the mirror I want to see how I feel on the inside  on the outside instead of not taking care of my body too much and focusing on the negative aspects of my life and comparing myself to everyone else who seems very happy I want to look inside myself and create who I know I can be for the long term.

Here are some of my "resolutions";


 I decided I would definitely read more, that was when I received a book for Christmas and I finished in 48 hours I figured maybe I'd been needing to read more because I do enjoy reading and I do enjoy reading books... it was just that I hadn't read a book for leisure in such a long time - thanks to school- it kind of makes you never want to read a book EVER again because you're doing so much reading already.

So in that sense I decided to do more reading!

Another way but I wanted to take some more time from my smart phone and just create a better atmosphere inside of my room is to take up plants and taking care of plants, (I bought a little bit too many plants) I bought 4 succulents ... And little that I know that succulents take for ever to grow I wouldn't be seeing much progress from them however it's still Nice to have the greenery inside of my room so in that sense I did joy getting the plants will be easy to take care of; sometimes I forget to water them but they don't die so it's perfect for me and my life.

I have decided of well but I would be definitely looking at  what I eat, I won't be dieting however I will be making sure I drink a lot more water and eat a lot more greens and just overall have way more balanced diet. I was thinking about going vegan or vegetarian or a plant-based, but I decided that with my anemia it may be a little difficult to do that without proper research and Consultation with the doctor first so I decided that I will be cutting down how much meat I eat and how obsessed  with meat I used to be and go for more plant-based foods and less me and definitely steer away from processed food completely. Also, of course - get back into fitness.

I really do want to focus on doing what makes me happy and what makes me feel good I had to want to new work so I've also decided to get into contacts this year I'm definitely still going to keep my glasses I think you're that guy wearing glasses since I was. 17 years old and it's a little bit tedious at times and it is just time for a change and I feel like contacts would definitely change how I look a little bit without having to get any tattoos or piercings like I had originally thought would help at least contact for a change but also have many benefits getting a tattoo is a change but it's not really benefiting my body and my life overall of contacts help me see and I do have incredibly terrible I fight and it's a change in how I look at the change in what I do it's a change on my body without being completely irrelevant to my health. My health is definitely number one and as much as I'd love a tattoo I'll probably wait a little bit longer before I get one now that I know exactly what I want I'll just wait a while longer and do all of the most necessary things before I start thinking about getting a tattoo. I surprisingly made the appointment right of the working schedule was back on in Toronto for the holidays I would definitely made the appointment soon as humanly possible and I saved up my money so the contacts are definitely happening and I'm super excited I can't stop talking about it.

There's going to be more to come this year and I'm super excited to be back on the internets not sure if the YouTube thing will be back on however for now I like blogging and silently sitting while I write hope everyone is having a great year so far and working towards their goals with a positive mind instead of a defeatist mind look at it I have positive lifestyle changes for yourself to become a better version of you instead of things that you have to crack down on or things that you have to tomorrow wish and things got to stop doing and it just sounds all very negative instead look at it look at the bright side of things and work towards keeping yourself happy and what will make you happy instead of things you hate about yourself you want to change.

Love + Peace!

Happy New Year!

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