[LIFE + STYLE] A (low-key) Hoarder's Guide to A Capsule Wardrobe

12/07/2015 01:05:00 PM


Capsule Wardrobin…
Who knew that minimizing the things in your wardrobe would be one of the hardest things to ever happen in life?
For those who don’t know - a capsule wardrobe is essentially the idea of creating less stress on your life in regards to what you’re going to wear - and making more time for more meaningful things in life! This happens by leaving your closet in a state where you can always match things together and no matter what you mix and match, every outfit will reveal itself in barely any time at all!
There’s more of a formula to this than I’d like - but it’s not mandatory to go by the book. Check out this link for a better run down http://theeverygirl.com/how-to-create-a-capsule-wardrobe.
So as for my journey to this capsule wardrobe //
First I had to organize and “get rid” of all the things I could do without. I put those things in bags and set them far away - forcing myself to try and live with the number of clothing items I had.

The author of this blog (aka: me) has a small tendency to KEEP EVERY SINGLE THING I OWN, it's just hard to let go of things. So I came up with a helpful concept that helps me tremendously when ridding myself of all the life clutter. Which is:

If I haven't used it in less than 1 year, get rid of it.
If I don't see why I would really need to use this in the next 2 years - get rid of it.

After getting comfortable with that, I was able to organize what should be donated and what should be held onto.
Now I have to actually …. Donate those clothes.. I've been procrastinating on that. However in the meantime, I've been buying clothes while keeping my general look in mind - like, what colour schemes are in my closet, what would last and what would not.
Also, when shopping, it’s really important to pick up items that will last long classic items and items that have a lot more quality. Don’t be afraid to buy something a tad more expensive as long as the quality is legit and you are sure it will last you.
Even if you have to stand in the change room staring at it on you for 15 min. (Which I am sure I ended up doing)

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