[REVIEW+ONLINE SHOPPING] PRIMECUT Is Awesome If You Like Unique + Chic

12/01/2015 12:13:00 PM

First,  I would like to express that I am no longer coming back to say I am back - we will just see how things go, and if I stick to blogging this time - it's real.

So now onto what this is really about! ETSY! ...Well, it is about Etsy and other small online businesses that I now frequent for all things unique and awesome! My wallet is screaming, but my happiness is through the roof! Online shopping is dangerous for me, I tend to forget that the money I use online is still the money I use everyday - I think when you stop seeing the money leaving your hands and going into a store clerk's it becomes easier to forget that you're buying tonnes of stuff.

Granted, some items are still on their merry way over to my mailbox, however I am excited to say I received one of my purchases in the mail (way earlier than promised!) from PRIMECUT! It started with my new found obsession with animal hide items, I had favourited a phone case made with animal hide - it was super cute, and Rihanna had one so obviously I had to have one as well...In any case I searched all over etsy but it looks like within a year of not seeing it, I had to pass up and move on, and I came across PRIMECUT and ToniMay.

Let me say that I will be a loyal buyer to PRIMECUT, since they delivered my stuff almost RIGHT AWAY and it wasa supposed to get to me by December,4 and arrived from Portland to Toronto on November 25th. Thank you...as for ToniMay, I am not sure if it's cause they are making my item or something, but it hasn't even been sent out yet.

So for now I will just review PRIMECUT since it's here and I love it...
salt + pepper cardholder (30$ USD)

So, I was hoping it would be a bit bigger, but I knew what I signed up for... 
It's a cardholder but I used it for my loose change and bills and my most frequently used card of choice, as a way to always have exactly what I need. Its so cute and I can't stop looking at it. It's handmade (in case you didn't know that etsy only sells handmade items) and it looks made to last. It holds a lot surprisingly, and is a cool chic addition to my vegan leather lunchbox clutch (also purchased on etsy). It's awesome, I love it and I actually want EVERYTHING PRIMECUT has to offer. It is just a bit expensive for me cause I am in Canada and our dollar is sort of trash right now.

In any case, this cute pouch gets 10/10 for style, function and price!

I'll be back with more! Hopefully I can see the ToniMay purchase soon. I'll talk more about how I shop in Etsy later!


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