[BEAUTY] My Staple (super oily / combination )Skincare Products of 2015

12/05/2015 12:00:00 PM

Hello again!
Hope everyone's having a great December so far -I am! Lot's of changes and lots of goals yet to accomplish before the end of the year! I find that setting goals make it easier to tackle things you need/want one at a time. Here's my list so far:

  • change my job location 
  • de-clutter and minimize my life
  • show off my strengths more and don't be afraid of success anymore
  • pursue happiness always and choose love first - remember to do what you love. 
I will definitely be talking more about my list and goal setting at a later date, since that's just not what this post is about today -but bottom line is, I am super excited for 2016!


So let me just express that these products are all products that I've been using continuously throughout this year, meaning that no matter how many products I try, I'll always restock on these! These are the products that I find work best for my skin, and though they may not work for everyone - they are awesome! I encourage you to try them out, but of course keep in mind that everyone's skin is very different - and I am NO PRO! Haha
My skin is combination OILY. Its a little difficult how oily my skin gets, so these are all products that get my skin to be NORMAL, as in dewy/matte and clear.

So here's the list in no particular order:

Skincare Staples of 2015

Aveeno // Clear Complexion Cleanser (w. salicylic acid)

This stuff works.
Usually I'd use the foaming cleanser, but I tried cream this time, only because I find that cream cleansers don't leave my skin feeling has dry - that's not to say the foaming cleanser did, but I just prefer cream cleansers. The deep clean with this thing, is AWESOME and my skin is just super clean and soft - my little acne moments are also no match for this! I don't have acne prone skin, but any time I ever get my moments (usually when my time of the month arrives or when I react weirdly to something) this comes CLUTCH! It feels good, and it's a definite staple in my clear skin routine. 

Marcelle // Makeup Removing Cleansing Cloths


Honestly, no matter what happens I always come back to Marcelle. The first time I tried this, Shoppers Drug Mart was having a crazy sale, these usually retail for $13.00 but that day they were like FIVE DOLLARS! I've always wanted to try the brand out - so I got 25 cloths for 5 bucks and a pack of like 40 or 50 for $10! Woah! I bought 5 of these. 

These cloths are super fast and effective for daily makeup removal, I usually wear foundations and the works and this stuff removes everything ad leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Its great to use before washing your face and for the days that you are truly so tired you can't find the energy to wash your face.

LUSH Cosmetics // Dark Angels Cleanser


I've actually been buying this for 2 years now, and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. This can be used as daily cleanser and even an exfoliating mask! A little goes a very long way, and its 100% Vegan! I always turn to this cleanser when I am experiencing some serious cystic acne - this stuff works great when removing dead skin (using black sugar + charcoal) and keeping my skin soft and matte (with the help of avocado oil) while deep cleansing to take away acne. It smells AMAZING - well, I love the smell of lavender and floral scents (it contains rosewood oil) , so I am always so excited to use this before bed. Its a very calming scent which makes me feel like I'm getting a luxurious spa treatment - if it weren't so messy I'd love it even more. It gets a bit messy if you have a white on white bathroom.  Bonus: Works as a Body Scrub as well! 

Dr. Dennis Gross // Alpha Beta Peel

This is tricky. 
It works great - but it's SUPER EXPENSIVE so I probably wouldn't buy this again, I feel like it is a staple based on consistency and knowing it works - but I will try and look elsewhere next time. Defs try this though! It does make my skin balanced, smooth and I didn't notice the lift but I noticed the firmness!

Aveeno // Shave Gel

Sometimes when I shave my sensitive skin tends to burn, get bumpy (as in a rash, not a razor bump) and I have serious discomfort when anything touches my legs. This shave gel was suggested to me from a best friend and since then - shaving is a BREEZE. Love this! Its a nice texture and its thick - it is also soothing going on the skin as well. I mean, its honestly a shaving gel so there isn't much to say - but it's certainly a really awesome product. I can't find any other shave gel that will soothe my skin. 

Hopefully this was a little helpful to some!
Looking forward to helping  my minimal lifestyle chance by keeping up with products that work and using my staples always. 

peace + love

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