[MUSIC] Hallucinogen - A Very Small Album Review

12/05/2015 03:22:00 AM

Now playing: Kelela - A Message.

(This is going to be incredibly quick - since its 3:20AM and I just came back from a long work day - TGIF is right! Whooo... )

Honestly, I am listening to this entire album on repeat. All the tracks on this album are so great; the sound, the flow, the lyrics, the feeling. Its perfect for my Modern Slow-Jams playlist and its perfect music to work to - it has enough of a tempo for me to feel focused and ready to work - but yet chill enough to keep me leveled and not too flustered and distracted. 

My Fave songs right now:
A Message
The High
All The Way Down

These ones are slightly on the more pop-y side - not that their annoying I'd say it sounds like a 90s rnb style a lot of the time - but its still really unique while keeping classic. Love it.

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