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ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT(besides "Wow, im so dead...")


2008 is pretty much over, and 2009 is whats goin' downs! with every milli-second that it takes me to type, and every 3 seconds that it takes me to think of what i am going to type, the New year is going on and on and nothing is really stopping it.

So let's go on with the traditional New Year discussion:

What went on in '08 that was MEGA-AWESOME, and MEGA-MEMORABLE?
A lot, i can't even remember half of them its too much. But a lot of funny ass shit goes down with me and my friends.
One thing everyone can remember that is pretty damn obvious is:


Black president elect.
Black president.
The world is definitely changing...no avoiding that obvious fact that's blinking in your face.

I shared 2008 with many people, some new, some old, some REALLY OLD...
But, it never gets old to see their faces and laugh with them and discuss certain things that are better left kept in a closet. This year i learnt, that to be a great friend...
You may have to accept some of your friends' flaws. Not all your friends can be the perfect friend and perfect human. YOU AREN'T EVEN THE PERFECT PERSON, so who are YOU to ask for a perfect friend?

One who has absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Its nearly impossible.

I already said this before but i'll say it again, in case you guys thought i was trying to make a joke:

And love you guys a lot...no homo.
I obviously don't say it everyday, cause like...no.
Sometimes i say certain things that would be considered as "DRY" or "Cruel"...but you all know im just honest and saying what I have to say.


Im going to go ahead and name you losers now and maybe even give you guys a little testimony:

MA' LOSER BIZNITCHES: (in no real order..so calm your asses down. The order is who i recently saw or talked to/communicated with yesterday or last year(meaning 08..duh) )

Anna Nguyen:
Its funny how people judge only on appearance. I swear in Elementary School I never knew you spoke. You were always quiet and whatever. I don't even remember you laughing. Then i get to know you and BAM!!! ANNA GOT JOKES N' JOKES N' LIP. Youre a little meany too. MY GOOOSH. HAHA. Anyways. Your one of the reliable ones. Cept for when you are too freakum lazy to get your ass out of bed and come to school early, or fricken go out with us to the mall or just to Nat's house...which is just down the street. -rolls eyes-

Natasha Caruana
Piggies. Gino Beats. Laughing at Nothing. Dancing and getting embarrassed. Being a tad out of it at times. Always thinking you don't look good in something and then having me tell you "it looks good, what are you talking about!?!". And wanting to dye your hair blonde and having everyone tell you "YOU ARE DUMB.".
Natasha. You are a weirdo. But still one of my reliable friends who take my shit wheni feel like ranting about something that pissing me of. Your my little Lawyer, Bank helper, and Investigator. Funny as hell.

Magda Koczela
I cannot believe you and how weird and viginous you are. You and your horses and shit. Your weird impossible MAN SEARCH!
"My husband needs to be australian, have a farm, (some dog i dont remember what kind), and a pick-up truck..." wtf!!?!?. And your weird love with carrie underwood. Geez. I dunno, HOW i became your friend. Haha. I guess it all started in gr.7. And then in gr.8 you suggested i be one of the transfers to MR. BORDIGNON'S CLASS!
I will never forgive you, sam, and lea for that shit.
But i love you guys anyways. haha. LOSERS.
I have nothing else to say, i love you and thats done...haha.

Melanie Simms

Thats the only time you are ever going to witness me mixing your name with the "DAT"
I met you in such an akward situation.
The same day i met you was the same day you slept over.
Hahaha. Then we ate pizza for lunch and used money out of my piggie bank...all the change...probably pissed that guy off.

You are always listening to me rant, taking me always being late and giving me advice. And in addition to all that shit...you are straight with me. No bush-beating.
If there's something you think needs a bit of improvement, (like my social skills..haha) you tell me.
And i appreciate it cause, i would do the same.
Funy ass weirdo..
"Blacker than me"
Alright i don't know what else to say... but you already know how it goes.
Sadaf Butt
You are a wierd one.
But you love to stand up for your buddies and defend whats right at te same time...which is good enough.
you are one of those people who just say whats on your mind sometimes...without thinking. Haha.
But thats all good. I still love you meng. Its a good thing. No matter how dumb people think you arre, we know your actually smart. Sometimes i have to ask you for help in math class...and then you explain i all weirdy and i have to ask you you to dumb it down.

Or like in math class how we always try to beat each other with you can answer a question first.
Loser. lol.

Laila Butt
The IVORY to my EBONY.
The HA to my HE.
The OH MY to my GOSH
The PB to my J
and the list goes on...

You make my day all the time, and even if you dont come to school i come and visit cause i need the energy to get through the day. haha. Then i eat dinner with you. Haha.
Listen to your cute little mummy talk.
Listen to you say how embarrassing she is.
I think i have already told you eerything you need to hear about our friendship...haha. We work off each other's energy. If i am having a bad day, all i have to do is look at you and its all good.
If your having a bad day, all we gotsta do is be all like:
Laila: "SHARIFA!!!"
Sharifa: "LAILA!!!!"
Haha, and its done.

Nuff said. You get it.

Patty OSAY!!
"True say, osei!"
You are the only black person on this list...haha.
BUT THATS OKAY!! You are quiet at times. And people may think your shy. BUT YOUR NOT SHY! Youre a little feisty one. But your still fair, i know i can trust you with certain things and you don't try to start problems with us, you know. Very loyal and trust-worthy friend. Like you know what FRIEND means..haha. Great Job. LURVE YOU!

Ok.. now im getting really lazy and won't be doing any more testi's BUT i may write a short little something.
Don't think badly of it..
Just understand that yesterday was NEW YEARS EVE and what the "hao"(sp) do you expect!!?!
Claudine Tran:
- Wise
- helpful
- useful ahah
- like to walk around and travel a lot..haha. you better just wait till the weather gets nicer before you ask me out again...=p
- also knows what friend means...and likes to keep in contact with them. Not one of thoes people who move and then you never hear from their ass ever again.
There's more...but im am way lazy.

Caroline Tanjutco
Michael Torres
Keifer Mentore
Nicholas V.
Keisha Belfon
Paul Nguyen
Kandide Kobongo
Jojo Rio
Paula Nguyen
Ricky Rodrigues

now i am mega lazy so i just named everyone who would get a testimonial if i was not so entirely lazy.

so now on to ME! -everyone leaves this note now...-
I have some new years resolutions here, some very easy and some may be a little harder BUT THATS ALL GOOD.
(1). Spend More Time with Family & Friends
(2). Enjoy Life A little More.. Not like i don't. But whatever...more than i already do.
(3). Get Organized
(4). Organize Priorities
(5). Reduce Overall Stress
(6). Get To Work...
(7). Stop Procrastinating.
(8). Learn How To Cook More Things...
(9). Improve My Social Skills (do more feedbacking and less "uh huh"ing)
(10). Buy More New Shoes...i forgot the feeling i get when i get new shoes, and just relived it this holiday. I remembered...i love it.
(11). Do More Around The House And Stop Saying "I'll Do It", Then Never End Up Doing It.
(12). Get More Sleep And Stop Staying Awake For No Good Reason.
(13). Stop Making Plans Then Cutting Them Off Just Cause Your Too Lazy To Leave The House...
(14). Try To Keep Swearing To A Minimum. Its Not Becoming. XP
(15). i'll think of something.
(16). i'll think of something.

I think i forgot some people..and if i did...sorry.
maybe i'll get more people later...
cause i know you probably dont want to speak up and tell me yourself..
Or maybe if you were metioned and think i forgot someone you can tell me.
Or maybe I forgot to say something in your Testi. (haha testes), sorry if i did.

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