.four (Dead/ Upcoming vs. Up and Running)

1/02/2009 06:03:00 PM

* Mood: crazy dead, bored...nauseated
* Listening to: n/a
* Reading: n/a
* Eating: n/a.
* Drinking: tea.

ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT(besides "Wow, im so dead...")

Remind me to never get as drunk as i did on the 31st ever AGAIN.
I officially hate alcohol..

I keep needing to puke and not puking. I think i may have to do it forcefully if it doesnt let up in an hour.

i am am in the bathroom as i type, just in case i feel the need to puke in the middle of writing this post. I know, this is very bad, and may make me lok like a crazy drinker but TRUST ME, this has never happened to me before. This is the first time I've been so sick from drinking.

This post is basically me just putting out more information on how my hair is doing.
Now I don't know if anyone is realy reading this cause i don't have followers yet, but I just thought i'd keep the people who skim past this, in check with my TRANSITIONING situation.

So it has ben about a month and there isn't that much new growth yet, like there isn't even an inch there so I'm getting scared. But maybe my hair just doesn't grow quick enough and I need to calm down.
Another thing, My ends, which are supposedly relaxed are kind of not being relaxed, and i know i have to cut them, but maybe I won't have to cut them as soon as i thought. I may not even have to try blening them in with the natural hair, cause they look similar at the moment.

Well from the litle insy winsy bit i can see.

I am hoping to transistion for a year before chopping. Though i don't know if chopping is necessary, cause when i was a child, my mom stopped perming my hair for a bit and was braiding it and shizz, and I do not remember anyone cutting my hair during this period of my life.

But i could be wrong...

On to this BLOG.
In the Shari.EBELLE Emancipated blog, i will post pictures of my hair and hair styles and how im doing with my hair and what products im using. But /i cannot do that until I get my camera.
So until then you are going to have to deal with these picture-less blogs.

Now I don't know what my issue is nowadays...

I'm getting really ROOTSy lately. Im all up in REAL hip-hop, all up in my ethnicity and being a black woman, really empowering myself and Liberating myself not being stuck behind the bars of the mainstream black women and just being me, as always, but to a fuller extent.

That was one of the reasons why i made this blog. This is mostly about me realizing that I am ME.
But the only way to be ME is to LOVE me.

And the only way to LOVE me is to be NATURALLY and AUTHENTICALLY me.

I have had a long dicussion with myself about this....and there is no other way.
This has to happen, it is Up and Running. SHARIFA'S EMANCIPATION is IN MOTION.

My Life's EMANCIPATION is in motion.
The world is changing.
And I'm changing with it.
CHanging from a molded sculpture that someone else would like me to be, to being the magnificient peice of ART that I can create ON


Yeah sorry about that.
Sometimes i have these weird bursts of self-replenishment and I need to let it al out.

-Sharz. // shariEBELLE

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