DO NOT PISS ME OFF, HOW DARE YOU!?...I hate when...

1/19/2009 09:20:00 AM

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ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT (besides: wtf?!)

First things first:

I am a VIRGIN.
I never had any type of sex in my life...
I am a grounded person.
I am a cynical person at times.
I am very sarcastic.
I dress to cover my body.
I am not loud when it isn't nessesary.
I do swear.
I am trying to stop...
I do not change myself for guys at all...cause i do not give a damn what they want from me, i do not owe them shit.

SO WHY... may i ask...DOES THIS GUY....and a few others....THINK I AM A SEX FREAK?

What the F-U-C-efiing-K!?
I went to a dance, and this dude was dancing with me...and asked my friend my name then added me on Facebook.

Long story short, we start talking on Msn, and after a long 15 minutes of silence(or, no typing)
He says:
K. are u a virgin? yes or no.

I was like...
what zee hell?...
so i said:
I am...why? does it seem like im not?

He says:
Yeah...thats one of the reasons why i started talking to you...

What the eff?
I know you all don't see many photos of my on here, but i can assure you, if you met me, i am the most virginal looking girl, clothing wise anyway.
Vocab wise, i need to quit swearing...
But he never heard me swear that evening so...

It really pissed me off.
I do not understand why some guys think im some sex fiend.
Always asking me about my virginity....
Like wtf.

My friend said my personality is of someone who has got laid.
I said how?
She said, "I think people who talk relaxed like you may be more prone to get questions about their virginity..."
those guys need to back up.
I stopped talking to him.
And i said: I am sorry to disappoint you...but im trying to save myself for someone i didn't meet at a dance and start talking to for 2 or 3 weeks...



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