My End Of The Semester Grade Boost Regimen.... 2 Texture Traumas...WEEZY WEE...How things are goons downs.

1/15/2009 05:50:00 PM

[my desktop background(random i know) ADIDAS]

[Janelle Monae, another of my faves]

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* Drinking: tea.

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ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT (besides: ...)

Ok peeps.

Exams are coming and first semester is coming to an end...your marks have been dropping just a bit, cause your lazy and sort of slacking off. What are you going to do to boost up your marks before exam time?

Thats what i do, i don't let anything get overdue, and everything that is over due i BEG and PLEAD for the to accept it. That is right.
I got it all planned out...its totally going to about to start on another essay, thats due tomorrow, and then im going to study for a math test i missed and i am going to either ace it or high-B it.

YES I CAN....haha.

Alright moving on..i hate having two textures, now i know i may end up with even more textures after my bc but...
at least i'll be happy that i cut off the crap ends! Geez..
I better hurry and get my friend to help me with my kinky twists this weekend or something, cause she's going to Grenada soon, and i NEED help!! I tried doing it myself, and miserably.

My friends are going to the Lil' Wayne concert today, i was suposed to go but...i dont like him enough to spend money to see him in concert...i only like two or three songs and im done.
A milli (its addictive, dont lie)

Crank That Weezy (its so stupid, that i love it for being so .. dumb)
lollipop (addictive)

I rather see someone interesting, like kanye west, common, the roots, n.e.r.d, erykah artists like those are artists that i am willing to put down a few hours of homework for. Cause those people do not come to Canada often. Which is weird, cause Canada is like...right there.
There's America, then Canada is like right there.
Life is so unfair to Canada.
minus the obvious Pros such as health care and civil rights(gays&lesbians) and so on and so forth.

I think this is will be where my blog posts will lessen from everyday to every other day....cause of exams and such. But next semester, all i have are art courses, minus my fourth period, which is physucs, which i may switch to something else.
My schedule is as follows:

Drama (1st)
Religion Arts// video production (2nd)
Physics(4rth)--but i may switch to Gym, im not sure, ill see how i feel about physics

Thats all i seem to have to say right now...
BY THE WAY: 5 followers? chyeahs.


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