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1/13/2009 09:59:00 PM


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ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT (besides: ...)

Ok well, i have an issue.


See, i do not have much acne, in fact my face is quite smooth. The only thing is the fact that i have un-noticable dark spots(scars) on the side of my face, but they are fading.

This afternoon i was in the bathroom and i noticed my pores were huge(dramatization, they were not "huge") and there were little black shit spots on my nose..that i have never seen there before!!
So im freaking out.

I thought i was growing hair on my nose, cause they were BLACK!

My friend said they were blackheads. I didn't believe her...
But then i went on google (my source when i need to know something), and it turns out they were blackheads. I read some stuff, and it said Biore Strips work, but the reviews mostly talk smack about it...so i don't really know what to use.
Im gong to check some more products but if anyone who passes by the blog knows anything about blackhead removal...please share.

im begging.
seriously....im going to shoppers drug mart tomorrow at lunch, and trying biore.(i may end up asking the person working there, but i dont want to cause then she's going to look at my nose...haha)
I was supposed to post this last night, but fell asleep, so...
indeedy, i decided to wash my face with proactiv renewing cleanser.
And most of my blackheads went away.
I've acrually had proactiv for a long time, but stopped using it, cause it was irritating my skin....but desperate times call for desperate measures. fo' realz.

Moving along...
I read, that transistioners or newly naturals, or mabe even long term naturals...
should keep near other naturals so they don't get tempted by the straight hair they see around them. If they hang around with girls sporting perms then the natural would feel all alone.

How do i feel about this comment?
Okay, maybe it isn't wrong...but it isn't exactly right either, at least for me. I looove being out of the ordinary, unique, and different from m friends. I have some friends sporting the long to-your-hips weave and the japanese perms, but i rather go natural and have them be cookie cutters. Now, i know that some of the guys may look at them and think im not as "sexed" or "fresh" or something....but i think i can still look pretty damn fly with natural hair...
and they can just go to the depths of he-

OKay, moving along...
For anyone who thinks that being around permed girls and seeing all the stars of today with their hair straight and perm long-down-to-the-bum or something i went reserching some photos of some more natural models and even a new siner..who is slowly becoming one of my 'Most Played" artists on iTunes....is ALGEBRA BLESSET.
She sort of reminds me of erykah badu. Especially her live preformances on youtube.

I also got some Yaya Da Costa, Esperanza Spalding, and goapele.


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