Encountered a MAD MAN today.[explicit language]

1/27/2009 08:31:00 PM

Brief recap of my mid-day.

i leave school after exams..
i see my friend across the street and i wave at her..
this old man comes out of nowhere and says : "DONT WAVE YOUR FUCKING HAND IN MY FACE!!"
and he shoves me out of his way.

I 'm like "what the hell man!?!? Dont have to fricken' push me!!"

and he is calling me names like "whore", "nigger bitch", "motherfucking slut"
And im like..."uh...okay..whatever man...your crazy."
and i cross the street and i he's still yelling and following me, so i brush him off and wait for my friend to cross the street.

So now he's in my face and he's like "Oh what are you going to do, call your boyfriend on me..fucking bitch."
and im like "get the hell out of my fucking face..asshole"
and he's in my face. So i pretend like im going to hit him in the face with my keys, and he flinched then SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE.

So im like "yo, what the fuck you ass!!"
and i pretend like im going to chase him, and he ran away..

so i am walking with my friend to the next subway station and he is following us yelling "YOU FUCKIN NIGGER WHORE!"

And im like..."oh my god...seriously?"

so i call the cops.

The cops ask for a description, location, and tell me to wait at 7-11.
they ask me "how far away is he?"
i say :"a few metres"

So my friend and i go to 7-11 and we're in there, and he comes into 7-11 and just watches me...
walks out...
looks at me through the window and pretends to shoot me.

So i call the cops again, cause im straight shitting my damn pants.

So the officer finally makes it and asks for a description again, then gets a walkie message telling her they found a suspect.

So she asks my friend and I to get in the cop car.


So we get to the subway station and he's there being questioned by the cops.
The other two officers are there (i swear there were like five cop cars surrounding the area, like they were all not busy, and just wanted to see whats up)
and they come to my officer lady and tell her some shit.

So she comes to me and says : "turns out he has a mental problem, so uh...do you want to press charges?"
I say: "no...he's mentally unstable so...i won't do that..i was just really scared"
she understood.

Then me and my friend were on our way to our business, while they took him to the hospital.

Back to studying...2 MORE EXAMS TO GO!
Its been going great so far...


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