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1/10/2009 01:19:00 PM

[My hair braided up into a ponytail. June.08]

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ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT (besides: i need milk and bread. but too lazy to go to the grocer)


I figured that compared to other blogs i read, my blog is so n00b looking, you know?
So i went and fixed it! RENOVATION! How do you like it? nice and clean looking. Brightens up the place a bit.

okay so, moving along then...

I realized that i didn't really speak to much about my new growth in the previous post, so now I'm doing it. Yesterday the new growth was thick and nice, but i deep conditioned/pre-pooed it last night and woke up this morning to some REALLY SOFT, DEFINED, LONG AND LUSCIOUS new growth! It was so great, i couldn't help but be EXTREMELY HAPPY about it!

I used the honey conditioner without eggs cause, well i had no eggs.
So instead of eggs i used Creme Of Nature conditioning shampoo...cause it works just as god as eggs to me. I don't care what people say, i think Creme of Nature is Harmless. But I will invest in Burt Bees sometime tomorrow.
So that is:
1 tsp of Honey
2 tbsp of CASTOR OIL- i used castor oil because i didn't want to open the brand new olive oil my grandma bought.
about 4 tbsp of CON shampoo.

This kind of worked like a pre-poo and deep conditioning treatment..
It worked for me..

My new growth loved it..

Thats all I had to say.
I think i may try and finish up some more work i have and then eat.
Oh by the way... one follower!
You are probably like "okay. so?"
But i'm like "woot! even if they are just trying to be nice..thanks!" haha.

<3 sharz ="">

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