EXAMS...Trying this out...Very tense.

1/22/2009 07:09:00 PM

* Mood: crazy STRESSED
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* Reading: History (vikings)
* Eating: Ackee and Saltfish
* Drinking: Oasis Strawberry and Kiwi juice or something.

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Ok peeps. Exams are next week, and i am taking this time to remind you that i am still working my butt off, to hand everything in by friday afternoon. Very. Very. Stressing. But im almost there, my classmate and i have made a deal that she can copy my chapter 15 while i copy her chapter 16 questions..i never copy..but this is a desperate time for me. So don't JUDGE ME!!

Anyway. It was a pretty good day out today, so after school, and after going to the bank, i stopped by this store and bought me a bulk of Olive Oil Root Stimulating products, at some hairdressing place that i didn't even know exsisted near my house. The lady said she'd be happy to do my BC when i was ready, and her salon is sooo awesome.
Like homey awesome.

Not too professional and FANCY DANCY, but not too like "what the hell did i just walk into?" ish.

I bought:
Olive Oil Aloe Shampoo.
Olive Oil- Oil Sheen
& Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner.

By the way... I told my step-mother, who were one of the people who kept telling me how relaxing my hair was the worst thing ever, but then went and permed my little sister's hair... That i was thinking about going natural, she didn't say much..she looked angry though... it puzzled me. Oh well..whatevers.

Im so tense from exams and the stress. If all else fails Im going to Night-school for Bio, to make up for History, and Summer school incase i fail English. Caue my english teacher is the WORST...each generation had said this, so trust me, it isn't just me being a whiny baby. See you all in about seven days. haha. Maybe sooner if anything new goes on, then i'll update you on how the Olive Oil is working on me...i may be able to chop in March afterall!

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