. one-hundred and FIDDY-four.

9/07/2009 12:36:00 PM

Tomorrow is school, it's official. It is my very last year of High School, grade twelve and I still don't really know what I REALLY REALLY want. I will be working as hard as possible this year, I have set my goals and I have sort of set the path I really want to take. I'm sitting on my bed in my bedroom, it is 12:26. The television is locked on Spongebob. I am seventeen, and still feel as if I am younger. I will soon be off into the world to do my own thing, be independent. Alone? Hopefully not. Secluded, hopefully not. Never to see my friends again, most likely not to happen. I always wanted a older sibling to look to in these things, that is probably the worst part of being an only child in a family of two parents who never really went to school in Canada, or at least University.

I will still try my best, and I won't let anyone tell me anything different, or try to tell me I can't do something. No one really knows me the way I know myself, if deep down I know I can do something, though I never really publicly expressed that I had the potential to do it in the face of my friends and peers, doesn't mean I can't do it. It just means, they will all be shocked to see me do what I did.

I'm going to fall back on being a experimental photographer since it is pretty hard to be a big shot one in the words of many. So I will be okay with just sticking to it as a side thing. I do photography as a hobby right now you can check out some of my artwork at: http://www.exclaimationmark.deviantart.com

Here's some of my artwork as a preview...

Moving on...

My grandmother is so funny sometimes, she is always falling back on how I stopped relaxing my hair as random conversation with her friends and our family members. She always says "She's an afro-head now. Natural... no more perm for her." Though she is always saying I will see all the girls at university and perm my hair again. Which sort of angers me, cause this natural thing might be becoming more of a 'fashion trend' then i expected, however I don't really care what other people do, cause I did this for me... solely for me. This big chop has been the first thing in my life that I actually fought for and didn't just 'talk' about. I actually did it. I did the actions to back up my mouth. I warned people before I did it, so it wasn't like I was doing it for attention and it was totally random. I made everyone know....or at least the people I talk to, that "hey, I cutting off the perm."...."bitch.". Haha. I did it, and was so extremely happy, no trace of remorse on my mind. I could only smile and laugh.

I'm now listening to King Of The Rodeo by Kings of Leon.
Spongebob is still on.
I am doing my laundry before school starts, making sure I have clean sweats for Gym class first period.
I got some money to save. Haha, not to spend.

I love blogging.


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